Historical Stock Prices

HQuote Pro Historical Stock Prices Downloader 6.58

HQuote Pro Historical Stock Prices Downloader 6.58: Download historical stock prices and store historical stock quotes for free Download free historical stock quotes and store historical stock prices in metastock format. Intraday and End-of-day quotes for mutual funds, market indices and stocks. Metastock and ASCII format supported. Split adjusted historical data from Yahoo and other free web services. The stock quotes data can be charted and analyzed in MetaStock, Omega TradeStation, SuperCharts, Advanced Get, Elliott Wave Analyser, Microsoft Excel ...

Stock Screener Lite Screen, Scan & Filter Stocks, covers worldwide, Technical Analysis, Candlestick.
Stock Screener Lite

Stock Screener Lite contains 4 build in filters and provides FREE EOD Data for 38 stock exchange worldwide. You may download FREE Historical Stock Quotes (also known as Historical Stock Prices or Historical Stock Data) from our website to be used as sample data to test out the Stock Screener Lite. The build in filters in Stock Screener Lite include: 1. Moving Average 1 Crossover Moving Average 2 2. MACD Buy Signal generated in last few days, weeks

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Stock Quotes Pro 1.452: Download historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds.
Stock Quotes Pro 1.452

historical quotes downloader for stock quotes and indices. Stock Quotes Pro is a software utility that allows you instantly download end-of-day historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds publicly traded in US, Canada and international markets. It produces quotes output in a customizable ASCII format which makes historical stock quotes data compatible with most spreadsheet, charting and technical analysis software packages like MetaStock

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Historical Quotes Downloader 2.187: Download intraday or daily historical quotes of stocks and indices
Historical Quotes Downloader 2.187

Stock quotes are simply stored on your hard drive for future research or charting with third party applications. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX and international exchanges data is available, e.g. Frankfurt, Tokyo, Toronto etc. No subscription fees - save money on stock quotes data feed. Up to 20 years of end of day quotes. Supports multiple data servers and is capable of downloading intraday data. Historical stock prices output is saved in plain text format

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Stock Quotes Express 2.0

Stock Quotes Express is a shareware program which allows you freely download intraday, daily, weekly and monthly historical stock quotes, mutual funds, options, indices and commodity futures. Free historical prices are provided by Yahoo Finance, Lycos/, MSN Money Central and others. Stock Quotes Express allows you to download stock quotes from over 50 international exchanges. Stock Quotes Express can store the downloaded historical data

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bseDataDownloadersetup 1.0: BSE eod and historical data downloader
bseDataDownloadersetup 1.0

historical bse data software. This is simple and easy to use bse eod data downloader converter. Using this you can download bse historical data,download eod historical data,download free historical stock quotes and store historical stock prices.This is written in java and requires jre1.6.0_01 or above. This application is targetted for windows based. Download EOD and historical data.Unzip them.Group them by year or month.All in a very simple and

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PickStock 1.7: PickStock uses principal components analysis to predict fair stock prices
PickStock 1.7

stocks by analyzing a user-supplied database of historical stock prices. The program is believed to be an implementation of what is known in the financial market modeling community as `arbitrage pricing theory` (see for example S. Ross, `The arbitrage theory of capital asset pricing`, J. Economic Theory, vol. 13, pp. 341-360, 1976). The theory postulates that a given vector of prices (for example, today`s price for a set of stocks) can be explained

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